Scoundrels of Waterdeep

(As of 1/14/2017)


The Scroll to End all Scrolls, Literally (As Well As All of Existence But That Goes Without Saying) – Deryn has not forgotten his responsibilities. An entity, hailing itself as Cthulhu itself, commanded Deryn to find the scroll lost in a disaster at sea. After journeying to the ends of the realms, he has found it deep in a mysterious bog on edge of the Feywilds. It reveals itself to Deryn as an unassuming, blank scroll who’s message will appear when Deryn seeks it.

Arkander’s Thesis – One fateful lecture on passive magic ruined Arkander’s career but it did not stop him from pursing what could possibly be the greatest magical discovery of all time. The blashpehmous study of passive magic was inspired by the arcane powers naturally possessed by the dragons of yore and the creatures outside the Material Plane. He had finally had a breakthrough when Sronnoc broke his other for the final time to save Lili.

Triangle Hats and Lots of Fires – Morn Greycastle knows somethings up, especially with these weird dudes in triangle hats. Mysteries abound as Morn finds out that not only his parents alive in Icewindale but he is also the heir to an ancient house, destroyed by House Gnath, one of the most prominent families in all of western Faerun. If only Deryn hadn’t used a Suggestion spell to convince Morn to stay with them in Waterdeep instead of taking that ship to Icewindale or possibly if Morn wasn’t distracted with Rose Rex, he could’ve gotten some answers. All he knows now is that the men in the triangle hats have the answer.

Stubz’s Real Name – Stubz is but a simple halfling man who just wanted to play a few tunes and see a few smiles from it. After running into these scoundrels though and having had several encounters with the Fey, he has discovered something unprecedented: a powerful command over Wild Magic and possibly his true identity rooted in the Fey. He now journeys to Yonder, his ancestral home (apparently) and a guide willing to whisper his true name and return to him an identity lost to time and the delights of the Material Plane.

To Oath Or Not to Oath – Sronnoc just wants to protect his friends but since his parents death to an unknown demon, he has had purpose but no solid direction. Lathander has shown him the Light and he has now seen the power of the his own darkness, he now quests for his own sigil, and to harness the power within him, an act so blasphemous but makes too much sense.

The Lich – The Lich raised Alethra with the philosophies of Baba Yaga and groomed her into one of the most powerful witch of any age. Passing through the centuries in the guise of stolen identities, the Lich reveals Alethra would be her permanent vessel in this world and she’d no longer have to leech on to the weak and feeble. Now, in the body of Lady Gnath, she stands alongside the Smiling Demon, in a position of great power. Soon, as a lich would do, she will have to build her phylacteries.

The Smiling Demon – The Smiling Demon has long plagued the group since their arrival to Waterdeep. He terrorizes them in their waking hours and in their dreams, has disguised himself to Deryn as Cthulhu, manipulating him into putting his friends in great peril, and has even destroyed the mind of their sweet, Elio who was doomed to the Wastes. Now, in the body of Lord Maldon, he has assumed a great position of power. But what is he really after?

Real World: Lili – There is no confusing Lili Greycastle, especially when she is the only true Lili left. A renowned scholar of her time, she can only feel deflated, being lost in this alien world. What stories she must know of a past that no longer has a place here.

The Moon Kingdom’s Queen – It all started when they fell in that hole and tried to sell a moon elf to High Forest. Mind you, they didn’t really go farther than Waterdeep but their journey has been long and arduous because of this chance meeting. The elf had introduced herself as an ancient queen from the Feywilds (and they only shortened her name to Del out of convenience) and had been surviving in the realm with the magic of her arcane focus. She had been searching for something but has died more times than I can count. In the Feywilds, they only person they can reach to for answers is the mysterious blind handmaiden charged with keeping Del’s memories.

The Bucket in the Bog – Nanya, a fey creature had convinced the gang into completing a level 1 quest only to realize this is not even 10. Once upon a time, on the edge of the Feywilds, on the cusp of being taken by the Shadowfell, a bucket held the fabric of the bog from being swallowed by the darkness. This is until a group of hardy adventures take it and then the lifeless bog swallowed by the darkness. Even though this is the end of that tale, it only opens up more mysteries.


Journey to Yonder – Reach Yonder with Nanya.

Getting out of Dodge – Find a way out of the Feywilds


COMPLETED Needle in a Haystack – Journey to the bog and find Nanya’s bucket


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