† Ser Alethra Ilvar-Tak

Ancient Alamontan Shieldmaiden and Witch of Babayaga


Once a great shieldmaiden and a legend in her own time, she was captured by the spirit only known as the Lich after the great battle between the Gnaths and Greycastles. She was raised and groomed by the Lich for centuries, in the guise of many woman, to be a powerful witch dedicated to a quasi-deity named Baba-yaga. The group meet her as Lady Gnath, unaware that not only is this a borrow name but also a borrowed face from a woman locked in an ancient elven tower. Unbeknownst to Alethra, over the centuries, the Lich has raised her to be her new permanent vessel, growing tired of trading into the bodies of old women. In a rushed ceremony, Alethra is forced to switch bodies with the Lich and is killed in the Lich’s old body. Her soul does not return to her patron though but instead is deposited in the Wastes, a purgatory plane for reasons unknown.


† Ser Alethra Ilvar-Tak

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